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Lake County Computer Hobbyist Group

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The Lake County Computer Hobbyist Group offers free recycling to the residents and businesses of Lake, Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, and Geauga counties.

Don’t pay someone to take your items or throw them into the garbage to be never used again, give them a second life! Many people don't know that old and outdated computer equipment is a health hazard, most waste removal companies won't even let you dispose of computer-related items and with current strict laws, most county waste departments do not want them in their landfills. Lake County Computer will dispose of your old computers and electronic items at NO cost to you or your business.

Our main goal is to help people by rebuilding old computers from extra parts and in our spare time, put them together to form a complete system that is clean and usable enough to donate to an individual that cannot afford a new computer.

**Please note that the Lake County Computer Hobbyist Group does not sell or service donated items, we receive a lot of spam e-mails from individuals regarding this and they get deleted**

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Think before you throw something away!

Did You Know?

Items We Do Not Accept

Absolutely no glass screen televisions. People have been abusing this rule and have cost us hundreds of dollars. Cameras have been installed to catch future abusers.

Items We Accept

If there is anything that is not on this list that you may have, please feel free to ask us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to plan a drop off (not needed, but it might help you), please contact us:

The Lake County Computer Hobbyist Group does not sell or service items.